Line Boring

Is Your equipment stuck on site?

Is it too expensive and time consuming to hire a low Bed to move your Equipment for repairs?

Do you want your Machines to work like they are brand new again?

Look no further…

Our Portable Hydraulic Line Boring Machine was built for the job.

Portable line boring allows us to provide onsite repairs of worn or over-sized bores on TLB’s, Graders, Excavators, and all types of Heavy Equipment or Plant

Bored for a perfect fit, back to the original size.

It is common for a mechanical bore to become worn in this field. They become oval shaped or worn to the point where they no longer function as intended.

This wear is due to constant and heavy loads, continuous movement, old age, lack of grease etc.

Our fully equipped Breakdown Machine Shop can quickly manufacture or repair any damaged or broken parts, such as pins, bushings, and linkages to suit your newly bored areas.

Our custom built line boring machine has been designed by our in-house engineers to make the process fast and simple.

Do you need some work done on-site?  No problem!

We do buckets, H-frames, swing towers, king pin areas, bob taches, H-links, dipper arms, dipper sticks, side shifters and more.