Earthmoving Machine Repairs

Are you tired of running around putting out fires?

Sick of having your machines breaking down due to negligence?

Have you had enough of mechanics who never do any proper maintenance and regular greasing?

TPE is committed to making sure your Heavy Machinery & Equipment is kept moving and making you money.

TPE Offers Complete Machine Maintenance and Repairs.

With our FREE Health Check, We find problems before they happen and by

strategically planning your maintenance, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  1. You save thousands of Rands every year.
  2. Limiting unplanned Downtime & Breakdowns
  3. Improves & Maintains your Reputation of Reliability.
  4. Longer Life of your Equipment
  5. Higher Resale Value
  6. Higher Productivity
  7. Better Quality Workmanship

tpesa equipment serviced