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General Engineering:

Welding - Mild Steel, Aluminium and stainless steel.

Tig, Mig and Arc.

Repairs to all types of trucks, plant and machinery, broken bolts, helicoils and thread repairs.


Fitting, Turning and Milling

Stainless steel railings, dive decks/platforms, chain plates, rope protecters, and more.


Our Services

TPE services include Machining, Welding, Fabrication, Repairs and Site Work.

TPE believes in being a dynamic learning organization in where the one constant is change. We always look for new ways to grant all our employees the opportunity for growth, both personally and professionally as they embrace a career in engineering.

We firmly believe that our company values drive behaviours and actions that in turn deliver desired business results. When we recruit, we look for like-minded professionals who are not only experts in what they do, but also echo our business values in everything they do.

TPE is always pushing to expand the company in innovative and exciting ways. We believe that the passion of our employees is the largest contribution to our evolution and success. TPE aims to expand its breakdown division to become the Fastest Breakdown Company in South Africa. We will achieve this through our expansion program and Leadership Development of our staff. In addition data created from work done is documented to develop engineering manuals to aid TPE and its team to offer the best and fastest possible service to their clients.

More of our services include :

Fitting and Turning, Milling, Line Boring & Production.

Welding: Mild Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

Pressing of Bushes, Shafts & Seized Bearings (100Tonne Press).

Overhaul & Repair Axles and Diffs ( Incl King Pins, Bushes and Machining of Bearing & Thread areas for Trucks, Plant & Forklifts).

Hydraulics: Manufacturing and Overhauls of Cylinders and Systems.

Manufacture ALL Types of Tools: Sockets, Spanners, Seal Installers, Tube Sockets, Brake Liner Tools, Gear Pullers, Hydraulic Pullers and any other with Sample, Drawing or Application Provided.

Structural Engineering & Fabrication

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