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Truck and Plant Engineering SA

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Welcome to Truck & Plant Engineering

General Engineering and Fabrication

Our Values

Values people regardless of age, role or status and understands their importance in creating the environment for learning.

Acts on the belief that we all can and want to succeed and finds ways of measuring and celebrating this success.

Believes that intelligence and talent are multi-faceted and are shown in a variety of ways.

Is committed to achievement and making progress in line with understanding how to exceed personal bests in all areas of performance.

Believes that individuals must be independent and responsible for their learning and progress within a supportive and challenging structure.

Is inclusive not exclusive. We value the individual, celebrate diversity and try to meet the needs of all.

Cares about the health and wellbeing of our community and promotes the enjoyment of and commitment to learning beyond normal duty.

Is committed to its role as The Best Breakdown and Repair Specialist Company in KZN.

Believes in courteous, polite and caring relationships. This includes our relationships with each other, clients and our environment.